The British Rubber Company is proud to collaborate with Trelleborg® on our brand-new range of Wellington boots.

Our wellies are designed specifically for farming, agricultural work, and outdoor pursuits such as fishing and shooting. Not only are they hard-wearing, comfortable, and practical, but they also look great!

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality British rubber, designed by The British Rubber Company & Trelleborg®
  • Featured British Rubber Co & Trelleborg® branding
  • Available in khaki and black
  • British engineered
  • Self-cleaning – Trelleborg Progressive Traction Tread technology®
  • 4mm neoprene lined
  • Massive thermal protection – keeps your feet warm in the harshest of winter conditions
  • Adjustable opening – easy to slip on and off
  • Excellent traction – makes them great for outdoor sports such as shooting and fishing
  • Free shipping
  • Available in men’s sizes 7-13

About Our Collaboration With Trelleborg®

The British Rubber Co has been working alongside Trelleborg® over the last two years to develop our unique Wellington boots. The boots are designed to replicate the traction capabilities of the Trelleborg VF TM1000 ProgressiveTraction tyre®.